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Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspiration From Others

I love reading artist's blogs in the morning. There seems to be nothing better to get my creative juices flowing. One that I have been following for a while is Plays with Needles . Susan is a crazy quilter and does other bits - like setting up a "Make Your Own Fascinator" Workshop on the 4th of July.

Susan's Family after their 4th of July Fascinator Workshop

I don't embroider anymore, or sew much for that matter, but her creative process just seems to inspire me in so many ways. I encourage you to check out Susan's blog and others as well. I find that if you look through the bloglists of blogs that you like, you will find others that are great too. I'll continue to list a couple of my favorites here and in the "friends" bloglist in the sidebar. I encourage you to send me any creative blogs or websites that you want to share as well. Happy reading and creating!