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Friday, May 13, 2011

Come Inside and Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Greetings Eugene Etsians and Followers,
This blog has been created as a tool for you to use for marketing your product. It will feature handmade items from our group, interviews with our artisans, links to your shops and blogs, other venues where you are selling at, marketing tips and anything else that YOU feel is important. This is YOUR blog and it will only be as powerful as the people who contribute to it.
So send us photos of your items, tips and tricks, your other market places, and whatever you feel is important. If you would like your shop featured in an interview, contact me at the e-mail address in the profile.  Link this blog to your blog, "Like" it on your Facebook page, Follow it on your phone or computer.
The economy sucks and we need all the angles we can  get to make sure that our products are out there to be seen. So let me hear from you. My name is Cenya and I'm here behind the magic curtain to do your bidding.

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  1. Wonderful blog, Cenya! Thanks for putting this together for us!